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New research indicates that 90% of disease and signs of ageing are caused by lifestyle, not genes. 

When we read this statistic, we were shocked. As a 45 year old couple we tried to eat healthy and do some exercise.  But whether it was because we were working long hours or just too tired at night it felt like an uphill struggle.  We had said so many times to ourselves: we eat healthy but my mother had digestive problems so I have this too ….my father isn’t very fit either ….usually whilst eating another plate of pasta... 

We studied ortomolecular nutrition and saw health practitioners and nutritionists.  We completely overhauled our food and exercise regime cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten, milk, processed food, unhealthy fats, adding in super foods and going to they gym every day……. You probably all know what happens next…. Trying to do it all at once, we felt better than ever before but were also exhausted doing marathon cooking sessions on a Sunday just to be able to fit healthy eating into our busy lifestyle. During a less busy period workwise, we’d started meditating and exercising 30 minutes a day only to stop doing that the moment we got busier. 

We asked ourselves what is best: meditating 30 minutes 3 times a week or 5 minutes every day? We went through such a huge learning curve (interested in some headlines? check 'in the know' on the side bar) and researched ways to make change easier

The science of developing a healthy lifestyle is not just down to willpower but to forming small habits.

When you use existing habits to develop new ones (for instance brush my teeth then meditate for five minutes), small but lasting changes can be made one at a time.  We started focusing on recipes with minimum effort but maximum result.  And instead of doing it all we would break healthy eating down in small changes like: eat 1 extra portion of vegetables a day. Making a green smoothie for breakfast can be done the night before whilst you clean up the kitchen.  Instead of getting sandwiches for lunch these instant noodle pots take only 10 minutes to put together.  Meditating became easy when it was a 5 minute habit replacing the just-checking-FB-when-I-get up habit. And small changes like these felt easy to manage in our search for peace of mind.

Our friends started asking us to email them recipes and tips.  They were amazed to find that cutting out the ‘bad things’ doesn’t mean a life sentence of eating brown rice (banana chocolate bread anyone?).  And that eating healthy when on holiday is easy too (our London map with our favourite addresses is a big help).  And have found so many amazing products we had not seen before (want to cut down on coffee? We have just the thing).

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PS think you’ll get round to it later when you have more time? Research shows making changes increases your life expectancy by up to 7 years


Younger. Dr Sara Gottfried
The Population Health Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle: Life Expectancy Increased And Onset Of Disability Delayed. Neil Mehta and Mikko Myrskylä