Slower. Stronger. Better. Healthier. 

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50. Half-time. ME-TIME. HERE & NOW.

Living better, longer, healthier. With renewed, more focused energy. That is how I feel and how I want to live (hopefully) till 100. 

This month I am ready and excited to start a new life phase both professionally and personally with energy and health as core focus. 

Focus on people, places, projects, clients, situations, challenges that GIVE me energy, and let go of all those that DRAIN it. 

What gives YOU energy is a core criteria that not only benefits yourself but also all those around you. Those you help to grow and self-develop, as an individual or business. 

At 50 my WHY is to boost people, teams and businesses’ health and energy… through my own marketing expertise, through Life & Co, through new brand & services. Watch this space (soon;)

Slower. Stronger. Better. Healthier. Focus. Energy.

My key principles from now on can be summarised as two simple lists:


  • Focus
  • Selectivity
  • Time (above money)
  • Energy
  • Freedom
  • Impact
  • Loving
  • Simplicity
  • Autonomy 
  • Fun
  • Zen
  • Fish. And greens
  • Movements: Stretch, Cardio & Weights
  • Balance
  • Morning routine
  • Energising projects
  • Being
  • Feeling
  • Body, Mind & Soul
  • Annemarie & I
  • Sun
  • Nature (walks)
  • Talks
  • Yoga
  • Sleep
  • Immune/ity
  • Cooking
  • Growth
  • Meditation
  • Present


  • Stress
  • Clutter
  • Projects
  • Fears
  • Sitting
  • Doing
  • Thinking
  • Computers/screens
  • Hard work
  • Bullshit
  • Politics/ians
  • Commuting
  • Expenses
  • Fake people
  • Ego(s)
  • Troubles: Body & Mind
  • Hate(rs)
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Meat
  • Coffee
  • Waste: Time, People, Money.
  • Self-talk
  • Time-wasters
  • Negativity
  • Worrying
  • Past
  • Future

Life is good. I feel lucky... Grateful for all that I experienced, learned and gathered these last 50 years. I feel blessed for having such a beautiful, brave, smart and supportive partner. Thank you so much Annemarie for your patience and love those last 25 years.  Thank you dear friends and family. Thank you dear colleagues, contacts... and even all the assholes I have met for those learnings ;)

I wish you all a life full of energy, health and happiness. May your journey be as interesting, positive and rewarding as mine…


Enjoy life. Here & Now

Philippe. 50. Energy. Today.